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Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo (Gubbi Gubbi Territory) is a non-profit organisation that is responsible for the culture and heritage of their traditional lands. The traditional lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people once stretched from the northern banks of the Pine River, Redcliffe, to the Gregory River north of Maryborough. The Gubbi Gubbi land also runs along the Conondale Ranges through Caboolture, Kallangur and back to the Pine River.

Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo is an organisation for all people, educating the history and culture of the Gubbi Gubbi people along the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region. Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo is managed by a committee of people who have a great respect for the flora and fauna of the Gubbi Gubbi people, as well as their language and culture. The committee works towards providing environmental awareness for the land, helping protect the endangered flora and fauna.


Historical Resource Books
By Gerritje Galloway


The Resting Place
by Gerritje Galloway ($40 each RRP)

The Resting Place

The Resting Place – Book by Gerritje Galloway, embraces a local history of the traditional lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people and Burpengary Creek in Southeast Queensland.
This book is for all Australians and visitors, students, researchers and community representatives. The Author, Gerritje Galloway has written the highly successful book “The Resting Place” as comprehensively researched resource and written as a celebration of a land and it’s people in a constantly changing environment. This book is but a taste of an integral part of Australia’s rich history. It is a story of the Indigenous people and the coming together of all Australians as one, sharing their dynamic culture, heritage, traditions and the spiritual link of their ancestral lands. Those who have a general interest to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Australia’s rich cultural heritage and the uniqueness of this environment will find “The Resting Place” enlightening.


Looking Back, Moving Forward
by Gerritje Galloway ($70 each RRP)

Looking Back Moving Forward - Gerritje Galloway Book

The newly launched book, Looking Back, Moving Forward is a fantastic resource for all people looking to learn more about Australia’s rich history and the history of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Gerritje Galloway has conducted extensive research of the Queensland’s dynamic history and published a collective resource of important stories and facts of local communities and areas across Queensland, Australia.


Gerritje Galloway’s books can be purchased via email: gerritjegalloway@gmail.com