Early Learning Workshops

Workshops incorporate local Aboriginal perspectives about the Gubbi Gubbi people

All workshops include Aboriginal children’s language books Gubbi Gubbi Animal Friends & Gubbi Gubbi Bush Tucker Girl written by Bulu Yabun.

Aboriginal Cultural Workshop

  • Includes 1 hour class
  • Maximum of 30 children per class (Up to 2 rotations)
  • Lesson includes:
    • Aboriginal culture and history
    • Gubbi Gubbi language
    • Ochre art demonstration
    • Traditional artefacts & tools
    • Music & dance – didgeridoos, clap sticks
    • Traditional Gubbi Gubbi language song

Ochre Art Workshop

  • Create your own traditional ochre art piece on a canvas
  • Your childcare centre/ early learning centre can create their own mural with the children’s artwork
  • Workshop includes ochre art demonstration & ochre face painting
  • Maximum 30 children per class
    • 7 children per rotation to complete mural
  • Total Duration of Workshop: half a day (morning/afternoon)

Ochre Art Mural

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Bulu Yabun provide Aboriginal Cultural Education Workshops within Early Learning, Primary & Secondary Schools for all ages.

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