Cultural Awareness Training Workshop

Bulu Yabun offers Aboriginal cultural awareness training workshops for teachers, educators and corporate.

Our clients include primary schools, secondary schools, childcare centres, after school care services and corporate businesses.

Workshops incorporate local information about the Gubbi Gubbi people

This workshop teaches how to embed Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood centres and school curriculums. Educators and teachers will understand and learn the culture, language and history of Aboriginal people and how to embed this knowledge in your early childhood centre or school. Bulu Yabun specialise in providing local Aboriginal knowledge of the Gubbi Gubbi people and teaching the Gubbi Gubbi language. Educational and learning resources for the classroom are provided as part of the workshop.

Our cultural awareness training is also offered to corporate businesses looking to incorporate local Aboriginal perspectives and cultural competency in their workplace. Online conference workshops are also available and can be tailored to specific topics on request.

  • Duration of Workshop: 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Workshop material is tailored specifically to educators, teachers and the community

The following topics are in the workshop:

  • Aboriginal Culture & History
  • Culture, Heritage and History of the Gubbi Gubbi people
  • Gubbi Gubbi Language
  • Traditional Bush Tucker
  • Aboriginal Art & Ochre Art
  • Traditional Artefacts & Tools
  • Stolen Generation & Truth Telling
  • Music & dance
  • Traditional storytelling
  • Gubbi Gubbi language song

Workshops include a copy of the Aboriginal children’s language books Gubbi Gubbi Animal Friends and Gubbi Gubbi Bush Tucker Girl written by Christine Stuart from Bulu Yabun. Each book contains Gubbi Gubbi language words in a storytelling format and is a fantastic resource to incorporate Aboriginal culture, history and language at your early learning centre, school or workplace.

Bookings & Cost:
Workshops can be booked anytime on any day based on availability and outside of the scheduled workshop times.

How to Book
Please email us for pricing or inquiries to make your booking – Contact us

Aboriginal Children’s Language Books

Gubbi Gubbi Language Resource

Price: $15 each (+postage)

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Bulu Yabun provide Aboriginal Cultural Education Workshops within Early Learning, Primary & Secondary Schools for all ages.

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